Monday, June 26, 2006


I recently got an email telling me that five of my photos have been short-listed for inclusion in the Schmap New Orleans Guide.

Two of them are photos of The Dancing Kids! The Guide will be published in Mid July of this year, so we'll see if any of the five end up in the final guide.
Presenting: the five contenders -- including the non-dancing kids selections

Peligro Kids

Employee Lockers

Gumbo Shop Street Car

The window at Checkpoint Charlie's

Dancing at the French Market Cafe

So watch this space for updates on the SCHMAP!

And while we are on the subject .... and since the media is NOT...
Don't forget that New Orleans can still use all the help we can give them.
A good place to donate to is Emergency Communities - they are a great grassroots organization that have done amazing work in St. Bernard Parish.


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